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lunes, febrero 18, 2013

AEZ Bond: The Deal & Catalogue 2013.

Premium manufacturer AEZ presents brand new catalogue

“For Audi drivers only“ or for all car fans with a sense of taste? The German premium brand AEZ presents a new alloy wheel portfolio that is indeed quite something. The new exclusive Genua and Genua dark for Audi cars aside, the 2013 catalogue does also present many more attractive wheels for stylish people and a lot of makes.

After AEZ already brought their own wheels on the market for the retrofitting of the vehicles manufactured by BMW and Mercedes in 2012, Audi is the focus in 2013. To present Genua and Genua dark AEZ has used the best scenes from the popular video clips featuring the secret agent Fabian Bond, which you can view in full length at www.aez-wheels.com. The Genua wheel is characterised by carefully worked lightlines, accentuated by high-gloss finish. The hallmark of the black Genua dark, on the other hand, is a dynamic interplay of matt-black and polished surfaces.

The new All-rounder AEZ Bridge is not for one particular car brand but for many different compact and medium-sized cars – from the Golf VII to the brand new Mercedes CLA. Its classic design leaves a very elegant impression and subconsciously conveys excitement and variety. The high-gloss variant aside, there is also a dynamic black one, the Bridge dark.

Fans of large and compact SUVs will definitely like the Reef, whose design and technology has been especially developed for that kind of car. Its black paint in the rim well and the ten glossturned spokes makes for a very dynamic visual effect.

But that isn’t all. Many of the previous well-known AEZ designs are still up-to-date and accrue to the highest form in the new 2013 catalogue.


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