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jueves, marzo 22, 2012

Dotz “Masters of Dirt”

Dotz Touge Custom Finish Edition “Masters of Dirt”
Motocross-spectacle celebrates 10th anniversary in Vienna

Normally the Dotz Touge graphite is a wheel for fans of astonishing drifts – now the cool rim is making a detour into the crazy motocross-scene. With the Custom Finish Edition “Masters of Dirt” sponsor Dotz paid homage to the 10th anniversary of the FMX-Events of the same name, taking place in the Wiener Stadthalle (Vienna). The 2012 show (24th to 26th February) was completely sold out. This Touge graphite comes decorated with the logo of the motocross spectacle and impresses with its yellow pin stripes. Minor flaw: Motorcycle fans can unfortunately only screw the wheel onto their car.

Dotz positioned itself in Vienna "artistically" with its testimonials from the trend sports area: Teamrider Remi Bizouard, the FMX world champion twice, presented the most stunning backflips of the weekend and caused sensation through his synchronous somersaults with two snowmobiles. So you shouldn’t miss the latest video on www.dotzmag.com/dotztv. Edgar Torronteras and Thomas Pagès raced in the Whip Contests in front of the 8.000 spectators. The winner was pleased to receive cool Dotz wheels – for example the Fast Seven.

The performance rim is the highlight in the rim program 2012: The rim in the drift version is a real sensation, particularly on the Toyota Supra of Dotz designer Christian Haderer, who parked his car in the foyer of the City Hall – directly in front of the Dotz booth, where the visitors could receive information on the entire product pallet during the pauses. Besides Dotz Girl Anna was waiting on her Fans. In the FMX-Hall she pulled a winning ticket for a happy spectator, who received a set of rims worth of 1.500 Euro. And soon afterwards it meant – the show must go on! BMX- and mountain-bike-cracks have proven that bicycles could be just as sensational without engines. One of the heroes on the pedals was Dotz Teamrider Andi Brewi, who caused sensation
in 2011 at the famous German TV show „Wetten, dass..?“ by taking the grit from a
snowboard-Olympia winner on the ski runway.

Dotz Touge graphite “Masters of Dirt”
Details & facts:
Dimensions: 7x16, 7x17, 8x17, 8x18, 8x19 inch
Finish: graphite/metallic
Type: cast, one-piece
Special features: Suitable for Run Flat tyres
Masters of Dirt logo and yellow pin stripes


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