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miércoles, septiembre 20, 2017

G-POWER X5 M TYPHOON: Widebody-SUV mit 750 PS und 980 Nm

G-POWER X5 M TYPHOON: Widebody SUV with 750 hp and 980 Nm

The powerful X5 M is BMW’s flagship SUV, and one of the visibly most
impressive cars in its class.

Taking this to the next level, the G-POWER TYPHOON looks even more extrovert, and comes with a widebody version that gives it and the similarly powered but sleeker X6 M sister an even more masculine and purposeful appearance. Thus equipped, the X5 M TYPHOON takes its place at the top of the SUV tree.

Key Facts: G-POWER X5 M TYPHOON (F85)

• 750 hp / 551 kW at 6,500 rpm (+175 hp / 129 kW)
• 980 Nm at 3000-4500 rpm (+230 Nm)
• Vmax: >300 km/h
• 1/4-mile: 11.5 sec
• G-POWER Bi-Tronik 2 V3 map update: 4,400.- euro
• Vmax increase: 668.- euro
• G-POWER supercharger installation: 3,850.- euro
• G-POWER downpipes with catalysts: 3,860.- euro
• G-POWER titanium exhaust system incl.
4 x 102mm Carbon-Titanium Tailpipes: 5,560.- euro
• G-POWER Widebody kit "TYPHOON": 16,500.- euro
• G-POWER Venturi bonnet "TYPHOON": 3,700.- euro
• G-POWER RS GX6M coilover suspension: 2,292.- euro
• 23-inch forged wheels G-POWER HURRICANE RR, including tyres:
from 8,361.- euro
(All prices are net.)

At first glance, this latest addition to the G-POWER TYPHOON family grabs your attention with its muscular wheel arch flares, which significantly increase the width of the X5 M. The bigger air intakes in the new front bumper give the car a more aggressive face, adding to its more purposeful appearance.

Not installed at the pictured car but optionanally available is a carbon-fibre bonnet which with its Venturi based ‘Dynamic Venting’ system not only looks imposing, but has been designed to work with the air intakes in the front apron to draw excess heat from the engine compartment. The reduction in the working temperature of the twin-turbo V8 engine motor achieved by this airflow system allows the engineers to increase the power output.

Bespoke side skirts visually tie the wider front wheel arches to their counterparts at the rear, while the new rear valance highlights the four 102 mm diametertailpipes of the lightweight G-POWER titanium sports exhaust system.

Named after their top speed record M5, the HURRICANE RR is G-POWER’s signature alloy wheel design. A set of these ultra-light forged alloy wheels in 23- inch diameter, shod with 315/25ZR23 high performance tyres, is used to fill out the wide wheel arches of the X5 M TYPHOON.

Made from forged aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, these wheels are available in three different colours with a choice of high-sheen surface or as a polished variant - the G-POWER DIAMONDCUT. A unique option is the possibility of having the owner’s personal signature added to the wheels.

To provide the performance implied by the visual gravitas of the cars appearance G-POWER boosts the performance to 750 hp (551 kW) and 980 Nm of torque. This serious power output increase is delivered by a combination of turbocharger modifications and the application of G-POWER’s Bi-Tronik 2 V3 engine control software, customised to the individual engine.

The standard compressor wheel in each modified turbocharger housing is replaced with a larger and more efficient bespoke unit developed by G-POWER and manufactured in-house on their CNC milling machine.

While the new wheel is larger, it is also lighter. The reduced inertia results in faster spin up and improved throttle response. At the other end of each turbocharger units, a more efficient exhaust turbine wheel helps to reduce exhaust gas temperatures, allowing higher boost pressures for increased power output. Both wheels are dynamically balanced for silent and reliable service.

Finally, a reduction in exhaust back-pressure is achieved through the use of bespoke stainless steel downpipes leading to a titanium sports exhaust system terminating in a rear silencer with four large exit pipes.

A thrilling youtube video of the car can be seen under the following link:

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