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miércoles, octubre 10, 2012

Quoris promises high performance, luxury driving pleasure

Quoris promises high performance, luxury driving pleasure

-  First modern rear-wheel drive Kia sets new standards for luxury driving pleasure
-  294 ps V6 engine with all-new eight-speed automatic transmission
-  Choice of four operating modes (Eco, Normal, Sport and Snow)

(SEOUL) October 10, 2012 – Kia’s all- luxury flagship sedan, the Quoris, which goes on sale outside Korea later this year, promises high performance and a new level of luxury driving pleasure.  Kia’s first modern rear-wheel drive car is a true landmark vehicle for the company.

“As our first modern rear-wheel drive large sedan, the Kia Quoris offers unprecedented sporty driving dynamics and premium ride comfort thanks to the optimum harmony of a powerful V6 engine mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission featuring shift-by-wire technology, a near-perfect front/rear weight distribution and an electronically controlled air suspension system with a self-leveling function,” comments Soon-Nam Lee, Kia’s Director of Overseas Marketing Group.  “In addition, a host of abundant driver assistance and active safety features completes the Quoris as a true premium sedan.”

“The Quoris stands at the apex of Kia’s available state-of-the-art technologies and will enrapture drivers who enjoy exhilarating driving pleasure and premium comfort while taking them beyond the boundaries of ordinary sedans,” concludes Lee.

Driver focused rear-wheel drive characteristics
A near-perfect front/rear weight distribution of the Quoris creates a strong foundation for balanced poise and excellent steering response, and a sophisticated blend of ride and handling qualities. Thanks to the adoption of rear-wheel drive, the front wheels are free of the task of driving the vehicle allowing the steering to impress drivers with a more natural weight and feel.

Upgraded and refined V6 power
Quoris will be available in ‘General Markets’* powered by a significantly upgraded Lambda V6 3.8-liter MPI gasoline engine with a host of improvements to boost its power, raise its efficiency and enhance its refinement – making it ideally suited to power the company’s new flagship.

The normally aspirated twin DOHC, 24 valve, six cylinder engine is equipped with dual continuously variable valve timing (CVVT) and a variable intake system (VIS) – enabling it to generate 294 ps at 6,000 rpm and 358 Nm at 4,500 rpm.

Clever engineering ensures that the V6 delivers more than 87% of its maximum torque from just 1,500 rpm for maximum driveability.  The Quoris’s acceleration time to 100 kph (62 mph) is 7.3 seconds, with a top speed of 240 kph (149 mph) – achievements which are due in part to its low aerodynamic drag – just Cd 0.27.

Ultimately, the upgraded Lambda V6 engine will be available in two versions, the MPI (multi-point injection) unit available from launch, and a new GDI (gasoline direct injection) unit next year – depending on market.

* ‘General Markets’ include the regions of Central and South America, the Caribbean, Asia (excluding China and Korea), the Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

All-new eight-speed transmission
Every Quoris will come with Kia’s all-new eight-speed automatic transmission.  The wide spread of ratios (from 3.665:1 to 0.556:1) guarantees brisk acceleration and high-speed refinement, while the innovative SBW (shift by wire) technology, together with the sensitive joystick control, delivers fast, smooth gear changes.

Replacing conventional wires with state-of-the-art wireless connection between the TCU (Transmission Control Unit) and the eight-speed automatic transmission, the innovative SBW technology ensures precise and near soundless gear shifts.   

Whenever the engine is turned off with the selector left in D (drive) or R (reverse), the SBW automatically switches the transmission into P (parking mode), improving safety.

A change of transmission control logics enables the Quoris to be stopped and to start off in second gear.  This delivers a fuel efficiency improvement and the smoothest possible acceleration – typical of a premium vehicle.

Independent five-link suspension
With its long wheelbase (3,045 mm), wide track (1,616 / 1,634 mm front / rear) and sophisticated fully independent five-link suspension system, Quoris will deliver the quality of ride, handling, stability and refinement that luxury sedan buyers expect.

Mounted on a sub-frame to isolate road shocks, the front suspension has co-axial coil spring shock absorber units and a new friction bearing in the steering column to enhance straight-line stability and steering precision.

At the rear, the suspension subframe also houses the rear differential.  The coil springs and shock absorbers are separate units and the set-up gives the wheels 1.4 degrees of negative camber for improved cornering ability, with geometry that minimizes toe-in changes for consistent handling characteristics.

The high-performance HPD dampers fitted front and rear, have sliding ASD (Amplitude Selective Damper) valves that vary their stiffness to adapt to different driving conditions.  When cruising on smooth well-paved roads, the dampers are softer – enhancing ride comfort.  During sporty driving damping stiffness is increased to provide more responsive handling.

Electronic air suspension delivers ultimate luxury
For even greater comfort, Quoris will be available with an electronically controlled full air suspension system as standard on the top specification model.  The regular dampers are replaced by Adaptive Air Dampers which are pressurized from an air storage tank and a separate air compressor mounted in the engine bay, ahead of each front wheel.

 A choice of four fully automatic driving modes (Eco, Normal, Sport and Snow) ensures ideal characteristics for all driving conditions.  When drivers select one of the four driving modes by pressing the drive mode button near the gear selector, the action activates different settings for the air suspension (where fitted), steering, engine and transmission to suit their personal preference and various road conditions.
The Sport mode immediately facilitates sporty driving dynamics by making the dampers stiffer, increasing the weight of the steering and quickening the engine’s throttle response to generate more torque faster and speeding up the gear shift timings.

Self-levelling, the air suspension system can operate in Automatic mode or allows the driver to select Normal mode (constant ride height), Low mode (down 15 mm) and High mode (up 30 mm), adjusting the vehicle height and ground clearance to ideally suit road conditions.

When driving faster than 120 kph for more than 10 seconds, the self-leveling system lowers the Quoris by 15 mm reducing the ground clearance to 130 mm from regular 145 mm.  Aerodynamics is consequently improved, resulting in high-speed acceleration and fuel efficiency improvements.  

At the opposite end of the system’s operating range, when approaching unpaved roads, the driver can choose to raise the Quoris’ ground clearance by 30 mm to 175 mm, enhancing ride comfort.

Facing the driver, the three-spoke, leather-wrapped steering wheel features powered adjustment for height and reach.  The electric power steering is speed-sensitive and requires just 2.81 turns lock-to-lock (air suspension models) or 2.98 turns (regular suspension models), with a city-street-friendly turning circle of 12.08 or 11.30 meters.

 The driver-oriented cabin places the engine start/stop button to the right of the wheel and the space efficient control for the EPB (Electric Parking Brake) is located near the gear selector, ensuring effortless activation and release of the brake.

 Taking HAC (Hill-start Assist Control) one stage further, Quoris will also be equipped with AVH (Automatic Vehicle Hold).  AVH maintains the braking pressure to prevent roll-back on hills.  Unlike HAC, this new system also applies the brakes during a temporary stop, so that the driver does not need to keep pressing on the brake pedal to hold the vehicle.  When the driver pushes the accelerator, AVN is automatically released.

If the car has stopped for more than 10 minutes, AVH is automatically switched off and the system engages the EPD to secure the vehicle in the parking mode.

Clever driver assistance technology completes premium driving experience
In addition to the characteristics of a rear-wheel drive, together with advanced powertrain technologies, the Quoris offers a host of advanced driver assistance features and technologies such as HUD (Head Up Display) and a Haptic steering control – as well as Advanced Smart Cruse Control (ASCC), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Lane Change Assist (LCA).

Both the HUD and a rotary type Haptic remote control on the steering wheel help the driver remain focused on the road, which is particularly beneficial during high speed maneuvers.

The HUD (Head-up Display) presents a variety of information discretely on the windshield in the driver’s sight line, enabling it to be assimilated without distraction from the road ahead.

Featuring the latest technology of its kind, the Quoris’ HUD boasts a segment-leading variety of information, presented in a variety of colors.  The information displayed by the HUD includes speeds, turn-by-turn navigation information, road warning and warnings from the car’s ASCC, LDWS, BSD and LCA systems.

  Some outdated HUDs in the automotive marketplace offer only a few colors.  Kia’s new system offers displays with three-dimensional effects backed up by 65,000 colors and adjusts the brightness of the display to suit local ambient light levels.  Settings of the HUD displays such as the display location, brightness and letter sizes are conveniently adjustable. 

Through the Haptic remote control, the driver can select a variety of menus and change the settings of the HUD, route information and the vehicle systems such as headlamp escort, door lock/release, AVSM and turn lamps. 

Ultra-high tensile steel brings strength and refinement 
The foundation for the highest standards of ride, handling, refinement and crash safety achieved by Quoris is its all-new bodyshell which is was created using eight types of high-strength steel that account for more than 70% of its vehicle structure.

Hot stamping is used to heat steel to 900º C, rapidly cool the steel and simultaneously press immensely strong components for the center pillar and roof side outer rail – improving crashworthiness. 

The resulting bodyshell has exceptional strength, torsional and flexural rigidity, together with modest weight and robust impact resistance.  The stiff bodyshell enables the independent suspension to operate with maximum efficiency, delivering a supple, controlled and responsive ride/handling balance.

While engineering the remarkably robust bodyshell, Kia engineers paid diligent attention to detail to achieve the Quoris’ outstanding aerodynamic rating of Cd 0.27.

The front grille incorporates an Active Air Flap (AAF), which closes at speed to minimize drag generated by admitting cooling air to the radiator and engine bay.  This drag reduction improves fuel efficiency and acceleration at higher speeds.  Airflow smoothing underbody panels are mounted beneath the nose, engine bay and cabin.  Air deflectors are fitted ahead of each wheel.

The AAF, the underbody-full-cover and air deflectors all contribute to achieving the Quoris’ class-leading Cd figure.

Taking Kia vehicle refinement to a new level
Kia engineers were determined to make new Quoris one of the very best-in-class for refinement – matching or beating established premium brand sedans.  This level of refinement has been achieved through a variety of technologies and a great deal of attention to the smallest details.

The windscreen and door windows feature extra thick, specially laminated, five-layer, sound-proofing glass. The block-type engine mountings have larger hydraulic mass dampers.

Driver comfort is assured by the powered, heated and ventilated front seats trimmed in premium Nappa leather, and the premium ambience is reinforced by the superfine suede cabin head lining. 

For Quoris, Kia uses a two-part prop-shaft to transfer power to the rear differential.  Supported by an aluminum center bearing, the shaft is fitted with a universal joint and rubber couplings on both the transmission and the rear differential side to dampen vibrations.

“Quoris demonstrates once again our brand’s power to surprise.  Our new flagship sedan is a remarkable car which will entice an entirely new customer group of progressive, forward-looking consumers to our brand for the first time,” concludes Mr. Soon-Nam Lee. 


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