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viernes, enero 04, 2013

Cry Baby 3 Reveals French Hot Rod Joie de Vivre!

Although hot rodding originated in the United States, who’s to say that we can’t sample something new? Take a look at this video of Cry Baby 3 Vintage Car Show held June 24 and 25 for an entertaining peek into how hot rodding is done in France.
Cry Baby Car Show events are a creation of France’s Gormandizers Car Club and are becoming a favorite of the hot rod culture on the European continent. It’s unclear why no event was scheduled for 2012 but Cry Baby 4 is on the calendar for June 28-29, 2013. The upcoming show is now being produced as a partnership between the Gormandizers Car Club and “PowerGlide,” a leading French hot rod and kustom magazine. According to the event website, the ambitious new undertaking will, “…gather the best of hot rod, kustom, rock’n’roll and authentic people and craftsmen, in a cool location.” 
The storyline of the video has more of an art film flavor rather than a being a record of the sights and sounds of the event itself. There are some righteously fine rides in the video along with a cool rockabilly sound track thumping along for atmosphere. However, it is the hot rod lifestyle of Europe with all of the trimmings that is on display. 
The video centers more on the lifestyle of European hot rodders rather than the cars and bikes themselves. Being able to see how the culture is done throughout the world  lets us appreciate what we have in common and sample things that are done differently. 
There’s little doubt that the event’s ‘Cry Baby’ name and theme originates from the 1990 cult classic film by John Waters that starred Johnny Depp. With the evident emphasis on the look and atmosphere surrounding the French hot rod scene, that’s an excellent choice for a role model. 
If you’re a automotive purist and are looking for features focused on lots of great cars, take a look at the Gormandizers’ home page. There you will find some more nifty photos of the event to quench your appetite for all things cool.

 Cry Baby 3 Reveals French Hot Rod Joie de Vivre!


Cry Baby 3 from Skill Lab on Vimeo.

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