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miércoles, noviembre 28, 2012

AC Schnitzer Essen Motor Show News.

The fastest MINI comes from Aachen once again:
The new concept vehicle AC Schnitzer RAPTOR

With the sensational time of 1:10.87 mins, the new concept vehicle "AC Schnitzer RAPTOR" (based on the MINI John Cooper Works Coupé) completed the Hockenheimring lap and put the competition in its place in a direct comparison.

One basis of evaluation in vehicle tests, time and time again, is lap times on the world famous small circuit in Hockenheim. The 300 HP/221 kW powerful AC Schnitzer RAPTOR has catapulted itself into the premier league of real sports cars with its lap time of 1:10.87 mins.

Once again in 2012, the "Tuner Grand Prix" hosted by "sport auto" magazine on the Hockenheimring played a major role in AC Schnitzer's schedule. The time had finally arrived on the Pentecost weekend: 25 tuners battled for the best lap times in 16 classes.

The new RAPTOR (based on the MINI John Cooper Works Coupé) concept vehicle impressively put the competition in its place and circuited the small track in Hockenheim in a sensational time. 

The RAPTOR was an astonishing 1.11 seconds quicker than the fastest MINI from the previous year: the AC Schnitzer EAGLE (based on the MINI John Cooper Works).

Not only the competition paid respect to the "little Aachener": the "sport auto" editorial team gave the RAPTOR an individual test there and then and was able to improve the lap time by another 0.32 seconds to a fabulous time of 1:10.87.

The successful concept behind the unsalable study is quickly explained: all areas of the vehicle have been optimised by technicians and engineers with respect to "efficient performance" in the development of the AC Schnitzer RAPTOR.

The engine power has been increased from 155 kW/211 PS to 221 kW/300 PS and the whole exhaust system renewed at the same time. The vehicle weight was simultaneously reduced by more than 100 kg, which means the AC Schnitzer RAPTOR introduces the feel of much more agility and more driving pleasure.

The sport chassis with adjustable height and the AC Schnitzer
lightweight metal rims Mi2 in 18" are the icing on the cake for driving dynamics and aesthetics. Perfect performance, perfect dynamics and perfect driving pleasure with less CO2 emissions per HP Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer.

Tech-Data:  AC Schnitzer RAPTOR

Even more stylish and individual driving fun
The new 1-series by AC Schnitzer

With the new 1-series, BMW is offering a new dimension in dynamics and lifestyle. And with the 1-series F20 (5-doors) and F21 (3-doors), Aachen-based tuning experts AC Schnitzer are also offering even more individuality and driving pleasure. For the M 135i by AC Schnitzer, launched at the Essen Motor Show 2012, the company has several tuning elements up its sleeve.

The AC Schnitzer performance upgrades from 170 HP to 204 HP in the118i, from 143 to 171 HP in the 118d and from 184 to 218 HP in the 120d provide even more fast driving fun.

The strongest version in the M 135i is equipped with 320 HP. After the AC Schnitzer treatment the 6-cylinder engine performance is enhanced to 360 HP. You will see that the CO2 emissions of vehicles with the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade remain the same. On the contrary: the increase in performance even reduces the CO2 figure per HP. This is what we call Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer.

This is reflected visually in the AC Schnitzer engine styling and the chromed "Racing" exhaust tailpipe. Sporting driving pleasure and maximum cornering comfort are provided amongst others by the AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit.

In combination with the AC Schnitzer aerodynamic components, this achieves driving dynamics to make the heart of every BMW and tuning fan beat faster. For the front of the 1 series different solutions – depending on model – are available: a front spoiler (for cars without M-Technik) and for cars with M-Technik the new two-piece front spoiler elements are part of the range of products.

With or without M-Technik a rear roof spoiler and colour matched design stripes as well as the loading lip protection film completes the overall AC Schnitzer look for the body. Dynamics and lifestyle are also presented in the interior of the BMW 1-series by AC Schnitzer.

The aluminium "Black Line" gear knob, a gear knob with digital gear display, or an illuminated leather gear knob are available for the discerning BMW customer. And that's not all: the AC Schnitzer "Black Line" aluminium cover for the i-Drive system controller, aluminium handbrake handle with chrome details or fully in "Black Line", aluminium foot rest and pedal set, and velours floor mats offer plenty of scope for customizing the interior.

There's a similarly wide choice when it comes to filling the wheelarches in the 1-series by AC Schnitzer. These can be customized - with corresponding tyres - with the Type VIII forged alloys in BiColor in 19 inch, Type VIII rims in BiColor black and silver in 18, 19 and 20 inch as well as with Type IV wheels in silver or BiColor in 18 and 19 inch.

With the new 1-series, BMW presents dynamics and lifestyle. Thanks to AC Schnitzer, the 1-series by AC Schnitzer rolls up to the Essen Motor Show with even more individual driving pleasure and sporting fun.

Tech-Data: AC Schnitzer 1 Series

The new BMW 3-series Touring by AC Schnitzer combines BMW’s new regional planning with fine tuning 

In its fifth circulation the new BMW 3-series Touring is enticing with clearly more space. With its standard boot increased to 35 litres, a larger wheel base, a higher roof and clever packing and loading ideas, the Touring production-line offers more than its predecessor.

“Could it not be a bit more?” the team from AC Schnitzer is asking.
As regards to this question, the offer of more space is obviously not the most important factor. With an increased performance, the 3-series Touring by AC Schnitzer has come along for this reason. Instead of 143 HP, the 318d by AC Schnitzer really takes off at 171 HP.

The 320d and the 330d proudly acquire 218 HP (instead of 184 HP) and 309 HP (standard 258 HP). Last but not least the 328i with 294 HP (standard 245 HP) also has more power under the bonnet.
You will see that the CO2 emissions of almost all vehicles with the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade remain the same. On the contrary: the increase in performance even reduces the CO2 figure per HP. This is what we call Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer.

For the tuning experts in Aachen, it could give a little more acoustically as well as optically as far as the exhaust is concerned. The AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer convinces the most demanding drivers with one or two chrome “Racing” exhaust pipes (left/right combination). For pure optical purposes the chromed “Racing” tailpipe is also separately available.

The AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit combined with a lower suspension setting of 25 millimetres brings the Touring closer to the road itself and makes for more comfortable manoeuvring.

There is even more dynamism and sportiness with the aerodynamic components of the 3-series Touring by AC Schnitzer. Brand new and also available for cars without M-Technik are the 2-piece front flippers for cars with M-Technik, the rear roof spoiler and the chromed front grille.

Front spoiler and rear skirt insert are reserved for cars without M-Technik. Overall AC Schnitzer leave no tuning fans’ desires unfulfilled. The offer is rounded off visually with the rear skirt protection foil and the design stripes by AC Schnitzer in silver/red of black/red.

The outer and inner image should match. And so the interior of the car clearly offers more when it leaves the garage of the BMW tuning experts in Aachen. The AC Schnitzer “Black Line” aluminium cover for the “i-Drive” system controller, the “Black Line” handbrake handle, a gear knob with digital display or a leather gear knob are not the only technically refined design elements. If BMW fans simply want “more”, then aluminium pedals, AC Schnitzer foot rests and velours floor mats also cater for that.

The AC Schnitzer wheel bases are diverse, and are also available for the 3-series Touring: e.g. Type VIII BiColor rims in black or silver in 18”, 19” and 20” or AC Schnitzer Type IV BiColor black or silver also in 18”, 19” and 20”, as well as Type VI BiColor rims in 18”. This diversity together with the right tyres gives the appearance of the BMW 3-series Touring by AC Schnitzer the right

The BMW 3-series Touring by AC Schnitzer combines BMW’s new regional planning with a fine tuning concept – any more couldn’t be possible.

Tech-Data:  AC Schnitzer BMW 3-series Touring


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