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martes, mayo 08, 2012

Dotz at the 10th Tuning World Bodensee.

A Big Birthday Party
Dotz as a Cool Entertainer at the 10th Tuning World Bodensee

If you can celebrate a “big ...–oh”, you would normally hire a good entertainer.  And that was indeed the role that Dotz played on the occasion of the “10th Tuning World Bodensee” and for its 95,300 visitors. After all, the wheel specialist has attended this trade fair in Friedrichshafen for nine years and simply knows what car fans want. Thus, Dotz, as the main sponsor, helped to launch the new European Tuning Showdown, an exciting competition.

Two tuned cars had to “knock” one another out: in each round only the most beautiful car was allowed to continue: And the most beautiful of all was Uwe Wolf’s Opel Kadett C Coupé. And the new Dotz Chill-Area at the cool Dotz Air Bridge outside also went down very well. It could even be seen from afar. Exhausted visitors were able to relax here in a deck chair and with a chilled Dotz beer. Otherwise, the slogan read: Girls, Girls, Girls and Cars, Cars, Cars.

The focus was upon aggressive Japanese drift cars. Dotz Teamrider Sebastien Cornec, racing in the high-quality King-of-Europe series sponsored by Dotz, exhibited his Nissan Skyline R234 and Dominic Tiroch his fast Toyota Supra SZ-R. The Skyline at the Dotz booth featured the Fast Seven Team edt. YELLOW performance wheel. The Supra in the foyer showed the wheel’s certainly no less attractive gunmetal finish.

The exhibition grounds also boasted a number of other cars with hot Dotz hardware stuff, a BMW 335i, for example, with the 20-inch wheel Tupac. People also queued for Dotz Girls Anna and Steffi, who signed lots of posters. And the girls air-brushed by Dotz Teamrider Peter Riedel were quite a highlight as well. What more do you want on your birthday?

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