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martes, mayo 08, 2012

AEZ Sydney dark alloy wheel

The AEZ Sydney dark alloy wheel
Black, expressive and for the BMW 1-series, 3-series, X1, X3, Z4 only

Traditionally BMW has been using black design elements for some of the brand’s most sporty cars. Just think about the famous “Shadow-Line”! Hence, AEZ is offering the Sydney, an alloy wheel tailor-made for BMW, also in a dark version. The matt black colour resembles the carbon hulk of the AEZ sailing yacht used in the fast RC44 Cup. The wheel’s name Sydney is logical, too. Australia’s most famous city is a real El Dorado for sailing fans. Of course you don’t need a boat to have fun with the wheel – a BMW from the 1- or 3-series, an X1, X3 or Z4 is just perfect.

Design highlights: The interplay of concave and convex surfaces and the expressive dark colour make the Sydney dark look so very powerful in all situations. Its aggressive, open design is an eye-catcher all over. Seven double spokes catch the eye of the beholder and the deep centre pays homage to the BMW motor sport wheels.

Compatibility: This wheel has been specially designed for BMW cars and is easy to mount – plug & play at its best. You can even use the factory wheel bolts.

AEZ Sydney dark– expressive design highlight for BMW
Data & facts:

Dimensions:                         8x17, 8x18, 8x19, 9x19 inch
Coating:                    matt black
Construction:           cast, single-piece
For BMW only:         1-, 3-series, X1, X3, Z4

Additional highlights for 2012:
*** Sydney (High Gloss) and Antigua (High Gloss / dark) for BMW 

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