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miércoles, enero 28, 2009

Top 10 Car Colors: White continues its reign.

Joni Gray
Graphic: Dupont Automotive Systems

What is your mood right now? If it were a color, what would it be? Global automotive color giant DuPont takes more than an academic interest in these questions, and its 2008 Automotive Color Popularity Report paints a picture of how consumers’ car color choices reflect a people's mind-set.
In the report, white reigns at No.1 for the second year in a row after a seven-year run by silver for North America. The experts at DuPont say the color white is a sort of palette cleanser.
“White is a transitional color that signals a pause after a long- running trend and in advance of a new trend.” So says Karen Surcina, color-marketing manager of DuPont Performance coatings.
According to Surcina, the data show the increasing influence of color as a deciding factor in purchase decisions. “This year’s research showed an emerging trend of more people –- nearly 40% -- who are willing to change their choice of vehicle based on the available colors of the car."
The graphic shows how the data stacked up in 2008. Trends that go beyond color are what DuPont calls “conservative differentiation.” That is, taking neutral colors like white, black and silver and tinting, coating or otherwise making them shimmer and shine through color processes. The study includes data for aftermarket customization as well as new car sales.

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