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viernes, noviembre 29, 2013

LARTE Design Evoque Best SUV in the tuning category

LARTE Design Evoque gets prize from Europe’s biggest sports car magazine 
Best SUV in the tuning category

For the 12th time, Europe’s biggest sports car magazine announced the “AUTO BILD SPORTSCARS” of the year. The prizes were presented to the winning carmakers and tuners at the Essen Motor Show on 29th November 2013. Before, 77,218 readers had made their choice in nine categories. The Range Rover Evoque from LARTE Design became the favourite tuning SUV.

The Moscow-based premium car-tuning company combines eye-catching designs with high-end products sourced mainly from German OEM manufacturers. LARTE has discreetly moved the vehicle in the direction of a cool street racer, which also finds its expression in the black-and-red paintwork. The new PU RIM body kit with the purist honeycomb grille and the massive air intake in the front apron creates a correspondingly sporty character. The viewers' eyes are met at the back by a rear apron made from PU RIM, which takes up the front bumper's design while simultaneously creating the appropriate backdrop for the completely redesigned exhaust system.

The performance of the top diesel engine was increased to deliver a full 162 kW / 220 HP instead of the previous 140 kW / 190 HP while the maximum torque was simultaneously also raised from 420 to 480 Nm. Moreover, the Evoque's centre of gravity has been shifted 30 millimetres closer to the road, which improves both its appearance and handling. LARTE's 21-inch light-alloy rims in glossy black also contribute to the success of the proportions. However, customers who prefer a little bit more understatement also get their perfect Evoque from LARTE.

LARTE Design – Russian soul meets "made in Germany"
Individual lifestyle for Range Rover and Infiniti

The famous sculptors of the renaissance selected their blocks of marble themselves because they knew that the material they chose to work with would be decisive to the quality and character of the finished piece. The young Moscow-based car-tuning company – LARTE Design – has similarly chosen the elite makes Infiniti and Range Rover as the "raw materials" for its compositions. While the concepts are realized at LARTE's European design studio, the accessories, exhaust systems and additional lamps are primarily made at the factories of German OEM suppliers.

The "ART" syllable of the name of "LARTE" that has been emphasized in the company's logo represents both art and skill. It is also simultaneously an acronym consisting of the initials of the company's founders.

The logo's "shield" also presents four horseshoes that stand for reliability and luck. A more prosaic character would interpret these as four light-alloy wheels on which each of the completed LARTE pieces stands; they also represent dynamism – particularly as racing horses are also "fitted" with aluminum horseshoes. It may be generally stated that LARTE Design stands for sophisticated taste, expressive design and high standards of quality. This vehicle concept visually develops the respective character of the individual vehicles to create a reflection of the owners' characters that finds its expression in their cars.

LARTE is a creative start-up full of fresh impulses – its designers and engineers, however, are not unknown quantities when it comes to design because each one of them possesses over ten years of experience in the sector. Skill and expert knowledge thus form the basis for LARTE's work and guarantee the high levels of quality that fully satisfy the high-end demands that are inherent in the basic vehicles. The fitted components, for example, are manufactured from the particularly high-quality and robust material of PU RIM and the exhaust systems, lamp units along with the aluminum rims are made to the standards of quality required of OEM manufacturers by leading vehicle brands in the premium segment. Thus, overall works of art are gradually built up from components that are "made in Germany" but that possess Russian soul.


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