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martes, septiembre 17, 2013

AC Schnitzer Type V Forged Alloy Wheels now in Anthracite !!!

.:. Super-light and stylish:
.:. The new AC Schnitzer Type V Forged Alloy Wheels in Anthracite

30% weight-saving – lower centrifugal forces – better cornering – and more driving pleasure. All these positive qualities are combined in the AC Schnitzer Type V forged alloy wheels in new anthracite finish, in 20 and 22 inch.

Wheels create the connection between the car and the road not just physically but also visually. "So the right ratio of proportions of wheels to body is extremely important“, explains AC Schnitzer Chief Designer Michele Viandante. "If the wheels are too small, a car will quickly become long-legged and unstable.“

The AC Schnitzer Type V forged alloy wheels however are truly grounded: In diameters 20 and 22 inch - that's more than half a metre - aesthetically they give even the largest BMW vehicles the necessary ground adhesion and fill the wheelarches.

.:. And all this with a phenomenally light weight:
  9.0J x 20 inch10.9 kg (vs. BMW V-spoke 356 in 8.5Jx 20“= 15.6 kg)
10.0J x 20 inch11.6 kg (vs. BMW V-spoke 356 in 9.0J x 20“= 15.8 kg)
  9.5J x 22 inch14.2 kg
10.0J x 22 inch14.8 kg (vs. BMW M double spoke 310 in 10Jx 21“= 19.2 kg)
11.5J x 22 inch15.3 kg (vs. BMW M double spoke 310 in 11,5Jx 21“= 20.3 kg)

This means, depending on wheel, a weight-saving of almost 20 kg on the car. Manfred Wollgarten, head of chassis set-up at AC Schnitzer, describes the different driving feel: “20 kg unsprung mass less on the car is an incredible amount. The car's handling is immediately perceptibly improved.”
In their very design, the Type V one-piece forged alloys with the new anthracite finish carry the extremely sporting genes of AC Schnitzer which are also manifest in their external appearance: the central element is the delicate but robust spoke matrix with its five triangular webs. The highly concave centre, at which the spokes appear to rush together, underlines the uncompromisingly dynamic impression..

.:. The new Type V forged alloy wheel is available in the following sizes for the vehicles listed:

.:.Vehicles:BMW 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, X3, X5 and X6
.:.Wheel type:forged alloy wheel Type V
.:.Manufacture:forged, flow-formed, turned, milled, polished and painted
.:.Dimensions:  9.0J x 20 inch
10.0J x 20 inch
  9.5J x 22 inch
10.0J x 22 inch
11.5J x 22 inch


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