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martes, febrero 19, 2013

French National Railroad Adds Six Segway PTs to Its Fleet.

French National Railroad Adds Six Segway PTs to Its Fleet

French - Train
The French National Railroad, known in France as the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français or SNCF, is the country’s state-owned railway. Recently its train maintenance team added six Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) to its existing 8 unit fleet.
The security team initially implemented Segway PTs because they allow the 30 member staff to be more mobile and efficient while managing a challenging work load of train maintenance and repair.
“The Segway PT provides our staff the flexibility to do their jobs more effectively. Employees are able to maneuver in tight spaces, quickly get to trains that need repair and ensure that trains depart on time,” said Michael Lacroix, Director of Labor, Austerlitz Station. “Our team’s overall response time has drastically improved. Employees can travel longer distances without fatigue, handle routine maintenance tasks and proficiently make more significant repairs.”
Andre Roques, Departure Agent, Austerlitz added, “Implementing Segway PTs throughout SNCF has been very positive. Travelers are intrigued by the PT’s technology and they want to learn more about it. Consequently, interaction between staff and travelers has increased tremendously, which is terrific for business.”
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Photo Credit: Segway France / e-Motion

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