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viernes, febrero 22, 2013

DOTZ Kings of Sideways !!!

Dotz presents: Dotz Kings of Sideways
An epochal gymkhana battle between a car and an airplane

What do you think car fans from all over the world are clicking on over and over again in the Internet? Gymkhana, of course! The amazing videos of Ken Block, California, have made this motorsport --- known since the 1960s --- faster and a real trend.

This May, Dotz is pushing things forward again, creating an amazing video project. For this purpose the German wheel manufacturer has a special card up its sleeve: An extremely fast BMW, driven by an experienced drifter and passionate hotrodder.

However, there is more to come, because the opponent of Dominic Tiroch is the Red- Bull-Air-Race-pilot Hannes Arch. By the way, both are Dotz Teamriders. Certainly, you have never before seen gymkhana from this amazing point of view!

In the ‘‘Gymkhana Street vs. Air Battle‘‘, Tiroch will bring a special BMW E92 DD1 M3 Compressor into action against Arch’s plane. In terms of sheer power, the Bavarian rocket should outperform the Zivko Edge 540 V3 airplane: 550 ground horses are competing with 400 in the air. But which kind of duel will expect us? Definitely, the script of the video has some surprises for us. In May 2013, the film, featuring this fantastic duel between car and plane, will be premiered in the GoPro Youtube channel.

Before, www.dotzkingsofsideways.com will keep the fans of the ultimate Gymkhana duel fully up-to-date. You can also subscribe to it as an RSS Feed. Stay tuned!  www.dotzmag.com

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