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martes, noviembre 27, 2012

DOTZ - A Nightmare Turned into a (drifter’s) Paradise.

While the biblical Adam never returned to the Garden of Eden after his fall from grace, Dotz Teamrider Adam Kerenyi fought his way back into a drifter’s paradise. After a bad start into the season and a streak of bad luck, he won his second King of Europe title after all.

First, second, second: Since 2009, Adam Kerenyi had always been at the top of the overall ranking of the KoE series. And the ambitious driver from Hungary had equally ambitious plans for 2012 as well. But technical problems initially didn’t allow them to come true and turned the start of the season into a real nightmare. At the first event at Poznan, the new drift car made problems and Kerenyi had to drive his “practice car”. But 320 hp were not very much among peers who were featuring up to 800. So the previously so very lucky Teamrider didn’t even make it to the final. At the next race near Barcelona, a broken on-board computer made him a mere spectator.

Then, finally, in the heat of Piestany in Slovakia, “The Beast“ was brought on, a BMW 3 Coupé with an M5’s 3.8l engine. Its 650 hp brought Kerenyi into the final, only to be beaten by a whisker by Ciortan Calin from Romania. In the Ukraine, Kerenyi kept it up and came back with a win against the local hero, Dmitryi Illyuk. But at the fourth stop, at the Hungaroring, where he’s at home, the technical problems returned. Fortunately, Kerenyi’s team of mechanics now knew what to do and made him rank fourth.

In Romania, the Dotz Teamrider had regained his full power. Only in the final did Roman Kolesar from Slovakia become a real peer and win. Meanwhile, Kerenyi had climbed to third place in the overall ranking.

In Osijek in Croatia, another win reduced Francesco Conti’s lead to 50 points, so the final on October 7 was to be a very exciting event. On the Slovakia Ring, Kerenyi, after a tough battle against Dmitryi Illyuk from the Ukraine, ranked third, while Conti was not quite in the best shape due to an Achilles tension injury. So the Dotz Teamrider won his second King of Europe title on points. The nightmarish start was finally forgotten. You, however, can see how the whole story began at the beginning of this video........


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