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miércoles, marzo 07, 2012

Dotz app Part II and QR Code: digital tuning.

Dotz app Part II and QR Code: digital tuning

The enhanced Dotz app and new QR codes all open up a new chapter of digital tuning with a wheel configurator, links to the hottest videos and downloads of all previous editions of Dotz Mag.

With the Dotz app, virtual tuning is now easier than ever and allows you to try out your favorite rim on your car. Following the great success of the app, Dotz has boosted the application with a new QR code scanner and the popular wheel configurator.

In the future, every Dotz wheel at your local tuning shop comes with a QR code you can scan with your mobile phone or tablet to get to all the product info on the Dotz website.

All your scans are logged in a history so you can see what rims you have already looked at. What’s more, you can also try out all wheels on your car: simply take a photo of your ride and pimp it with the virtual rim! 

The app also allows you to download all previous editions of Dotz Mag. This feature is especially handy for all tablet users wanting to enjoy the European Automotive Lifestyle Magazine on a bigger screen. Needless to say, the application also allows you to post your configured car on different social networks.

However, the magic of the QR code doesn’t stop there: Dotz also uses the codes in their ads and Dotz Mag, allowing users to get to product information, editorial stories and hot videos at the touch of a button.


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