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lunes, julio 06, 2009

Top 10 Cars Dealers are Desperate to Sell

With GM and Chrysler both going through bankruptcy, it's not a surprise their cars dominate the top 10 slowest selling cars list.
The list is made up of cars that would take the longest time to sell out based on current inventory and sales figures.
Car manufacturers prefer 60 days worth of inventory. This ensures enough color and options selection on the lots, yet keeps supply limited so prices don't have to be slashed.

If you've got your eye on any of the vehicles listed above, you're in luck. Dealers are pretty much desperate to move these cars off their lots so you're very likely to get a great deal.

1.- Dodge Caliber

2.- Dodge Avenger

3.- Pontiac G6

4.- Kia Optima

5.- Dodge Charger

6.- Jeep Patriot

7.- Kia Spectra

8.- Chevrolet Cobalt

9.- Chevrolet Colorado
10.- Ford Mustang

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