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jueves, julio 30, 2009

The Bear - Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud

The Bear has very little dialog, and no narration, which differentiates it from usual films. Communication between the movie and the viewer rely on body language and inferences, which enhance the relationship between the characters and the viewer, in a more deeply emotional manner.

Awards and nominations Won:
1988: National Academy of Cinema, France, Academy Award (Jean-Jacques Annaud)
1989: César, Best Director (Jean-Jacques Annaud)
1990: Genesis Award, Feature Film (Foreign)
1990: Guild of German Art House Cinemas Film Award, Silver Foreign Film (Ausländischer Film) (Jean-Jacques Annaud)

1990: Academy Award, Best Film Editing (Noëlle Boisson)
1990: American Society of Cinematographers Award, Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases (Philippe Rousselot)
1990: BAFTA Film Award, Best Cinematography (Philippe Rousselot)
1990: Young Artist Award, Best Family Motion Picture - Adventure or Cartoon César - Best Cinematography (Philippe Rousselot) César - Best Film (Jean-Jacques Annaud) César - Best Poster (Claude Millet, Christian Blondel, Denise Millet) César - Best Sound (Bernard Leroux, Claude Villand, Laurent Quaglio)

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