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miércoles, agosto 13, 2008

Ice Vehicle - Concept by LOTUS

Using cutting edge technology and unique innovation, the Concept Ice Vehicle has been carefully designed to make history as the first vehicle to run successfully in Antarctica on bio-fuel.

Designer Kieron Bradley an ex-chassis F1 designer and now head designer for Lotus F1, has used previous experiences of vehicle design in Antarctica, to create a unique and cutting edge vehicle. Balancing technical innovation and state of the art design, Kieran has ensured that the CIV will have as much flexibility as possible, therefore giving it far more manoeuvrability than the conventional methods of transport normally used in this demanding environment.

CIV is approximately 4m wide x 4m long and has all-round suspension to cope with every type of sasstrugi. It has been designed with particular attention to huge safety margins and superior strength. In harsh conditions where the sasstrugi fields can be particularly large, CIV can also be man-hauled if required.

The CIV Team aim to pilot this vehicle from the coast to the Pole, over the harshest terrain and most extreme conditions on earth, thus proving that bio-fuels can survive in any environment in the world. Two larger Science Support Vehicles (SSV’s) will follow along the track which will have been checked by the CIV’s radar and declared crevasse free.

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